Q: Aisling, why don't you have a list of services available?

A: I am a passionate believer in communication being the key to a fulfilling kinky experience. Every client is unique, and the connection we have will reflect that. 

Q: Is kink the only thing you do?

A: Variety is everything to me, so sticking to one avenue of exploration does not suit my disposition - I enjoy encounters of every persuasion. "Vanilla" does not have to mean boring...

Q: Can I buy you a gift?

A: While gifts are never expected, they are always appreciated. I'm partial to a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and traditional Irish and Scottish whiskies. I'm also a total sucker for gift cards from Etsy and John Lewis.

Q: Are you "really bisexual"? Like, really, really?

A: Absolutely. I experience attraction without regard to gender and I appreciate lovers of all body types too! 

Q: Do you see couples?

A: Playing with couples is an intense and rewarding experience that I always look forward to and enjoy very much. I only see couples when I am positive that everyone involved wants to be there, so if that's you please do get in touch. 

Q: Do you have any toys?

A: I have a small private collection of excellent BDSM toys, vibes, and dildos. I also have access to a very well kitted-out and low use dungeon.




Q: What kind of clients do you see?

A: I never discriminate on the basis of race, class, cultural background or nationality. I am happy to see all people, provided they are polite and courteous. 
I welcome clients with disabilities or other health conditions - please just mention any special needs you have during our communications and I can accommodate you.

Q: How would you feel about a long-term arrangement?

A: If you hadn't already guessed, I am at my very core a Daddy's girl. Let's discuss this over an evening together...

Aisling O'Shea is a luxury Schoolgirl escort based in London. She has always enjoyed fantasising of being back in school and being punished and pleasured by her teachers. You can bend her over her desk and scold her for her poor grammar, she will always be willing to make it up to you for extra credit. This naughty schoolgirl escort may have forgotten her homework again, but you can be sure when you punish her she will be a perfect angel for you.