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The Spring Horn

What is it about the change of seasons that makes some deeply buried animalistic urge to fuck, emerge and crash over us like a tidal wave? Suddenly with the grand stretch in the evening, I find myself feeling like the day will go on forever and the possibilities are endless. It also makes me crazy to touch, kiss, tease...

I mentioned in passing to a friend the other day, that the Spring Horn has indeed sprung. Maybe it's the Irish in me, or maybe just the debauched company I generally keep but I thought this little turn of phrase was in everybody's back pocket? Dear reader, it appears I was mistaken!

I feel especially excited this year because along with it's bright evenings, and nothing-under-my-dress-warm weather - this spring brings the promise of a veritable feast after a long, cold, and lonely famine. I'm just about ready for the season of my life, and I fully intend to have such a good time it would make Dionysus blush like a chastised schoolgirl.

I also have some pretty exciting news which I'll urge you to watch this space for: this chastised little schoolgirl may be about to grace your small screen with a very naughty collaboration with a well known spanking site! I don't want to give too much away but I'm hoping that this summer I'll be given a very red and striped bottom indeed! It's been quite a long time since I've had a caning - I'm starting to forget how it feels. I'm really looking forward to being bent over again soon. It's not usually something that would be associated with a submissive such as myself, (although I am a bit of an overachiever) but I also happen to be very handy on the business end of a caning experience. I went to a workshop a number of years ago, when Princess Ammy was touring in Dublin and she taught me how to give six of the best, along with good technique and how to select the perfect cane. I was very pleased to please her, of course, by being the ever enthusiastic student but I think I'll always be more of a service top than a true Domme. I just enjoy being bossed around far too much - but hey, what's a girl to do when she knows what she wants?

Alas I digress, the sunbeams of late spring are beaming in through my office window and making it all to easy to daydream. I'm getting a little hot under the collar, so I may need to shed some layers and treat myself to a little misadventure...

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